Abena Brands



The blue Abena logo is found on products developed especially by or for Abena. The logo acts as a quality seal and is your guarantee that we can vouch for the quality every product we sell as well as the way it is manufactured.

Abena Leaf

The green leaf is an important symbol in the entire Abena Group's approach to business and represents a respect for the environment in all of our endeavours.

Bambo Nature

Choose Bambo Nature baby diapers if you insist on the highest quality, security and comfort.

Abena ECO

The Abena ECO brand is used to characterize Abena's dedicated efforts across the board to ensure maximum environmental friendliness.


Abri-Form is a complete range of all-in-one briefs for moderate to heavy incontinence.


The Abri-San range offers a complete range of anatomically shaped pads for all degrees of incontinence.


Abri-Flex incontinence products can be worn just like normal underwear, enhancing the user's feeling of freedom and dignity.


Abri-Man is an incontinence product specially developed to enable men to lead a normal and active life.


Abri-Wing is a versatile incontinence product that has unique fitting properties, making it a good solution for many different users and situations.


The Abri-Fix assortment comprises various types of fitting products that ensure optimal leakage control when using shapes pads.  Our range contains both pants for single use and washable pants.


Abri-Soft disposable underpads are ideal for use as additional protection for beds and chairs during procedures such as casting legs, treating wounds or changing patients etc.

Abri-Form Junior

The Abri Form Junior is a unique product solution that bridges the gap in the market between the largest nappy for children and the smallest adult continence product.


The Soft-Care series forms a comprehensive range of personal hygiene products, from general cleansing to specialized continence care. The Abena Soft-Care range includes washcloths, wet wipes, wash gloves, foam and Airlaid wipes.


Abri is a registered trademark for Abena incontinence products sold all over the world.

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