Wash with Water

  • Covers every need in daily hygiene and care
  • Washing liquids contain only mild, active ingredients, as well as nourishing components that prevent the skin from drying out.
  • Gentle on skin and hair with a pH of 5.5

Shower and Bathing Soap 500ml

Mild, liquid gently foaming bathing soap, all round use; lightly scented

Shower and Bathing Oil 500ml

Mild, liquid bathing oil, Perfect for dry and sensitive skin

Disposable Sponges

An inexpensive alternative to a launderable wipe. Soft and gentle on the skin

Wash Gloves

Provides the softness of a washing cloth along with the convenience of a glove



Wash without Water

  • An alternative to soap and water
  • Hygienic and time-saving solution
  • Contains active ingredients that neutralise perspiration salts and body odours

Shampoo cap with conditioner unisize

An easy & efficient solution for hair hygiene. The cap contains conditioner that leaves the hair soft and odour-free. No rinsing required

Washing lotion waterless 500ml

Removes perspiration salts and body odours, neutral pH

Moist skin cleanse wipes 20x27 & 18x20cm

Assists in providing hygiene for bed bound residents and patients. Removes perspiration salts & body odours.


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