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Abena Re-Seller is a division within the ABENA group sourcing and supplying B2B clients with disposables products. Our main focus is fast moving consumer goods - which we source through our sourcing companies in Asia. Through our sourcing companies and our own quality control employees – we enable our B2B clients to be competitive on their local market

Abena Re-Seller (Germany)

Abena Re-Seller (United Kingdom)

Abena Re-Seller (Netherslands)


Sækko Industri A/S, these days better known by the trade mark OX-ON, is one of Denmark's leading total suppliers of personal safety solutions for industrial production, construction and farming industries.

The company maintains a strong focus on quality products that adhere to the most stringent market requirements and standards.

Sækko Industri A/S (Denmark)

Sækko Industri Sweden (Sweden)

Tecknika Kiessling GmbH (Germany)


Finess Hygiene develops, produces and sells a wide range of disposable hygiene products. The core business is various kinds of laminates, draw sheets, bibs and wipes. Finess also has a range of trade products. The main market is Western Europe but Finess products are sold worldwide, with own Finess trademark as well as private labels.



Rul-let is a part of the Abena Group and one of Scandinavia's leading providers of household packaging and disposables. Rul-let products are found in the kitchen drawers of almost every Danish home and span from every imaginable foil and film product to plastic bags and various types of wrapping material.

www.rul-let.dk (Denmark)

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