Skin Care

Abena’s skin care concept is based on our long experience within international health care sectors. Our product range covers everything from normal to dry skin care and most of our products are paraben free skin care products.

Our products are divided into 4 categories:

Yellow: Creams and lotions
Grey: Special creams and ointments
Green: Products for washing without water
Blue: Soaps for washing with water

The 4 categories combined cover everything from:

  • Basic to complicated needs
  • Infants / adults / elderly
  • Incontinence
  • Exposed skin of any kind

All our skin care products are suitable for baby skin care as well as mature skin care. They are labeled with the Nordic Eco-label and the Danish Asthma-Allergy label, making them a very skin friendly product and ideal for incontinence skin care.


China,Denmark,France,Germany,Iceland,Netherlands,Norway,Poland,Russia,Slovenia,Sweden,United Kingdom,Unites States,Vietnam